Not so long ago, the bathroom was a place that you designed in a sober manner and visited as briefly as possible. it was frequently referred to simply as the “wet room” and as such, it lived up to its name.

Today, things are very different. 

Today, the bathroom is the place where we can be at one with ourselves, where we relish a moment away from the daily hustle and bustle.

The bathroom is still a place of cleansing, but one that refreshes mind, body and soul alike, quite as a matter of course. People who want to give themselves a treat choose a bathroom that is a treat in itself. And those who want something really special for their home, will choose SIGNATURE.


As Signature continues to grow as the market leader and thought leader for living space solutions, it was pivotal that the Group expanded into offerings for the bathroom spaces, to complement its existing core products – kitchen and wardrobe systems, built in kitchen appliances, built in home furniture.

Signature partners leading sanitaryware manufacturers, renowned for their superior quality and leading innovations, at the same time seeking to reduce their environmental footprint, to create beautifully crafted products that are presented in timeless designs.

The collections take inspiration from the shapes of nature, the world around us; last but not least, the needs of users. For Signature, a good product design should provide the user with both aesthetic pleasure and functional comfort while they are using it.

Product Features